Color Matching 101

Here is our guide to all things extensions!

Color Matching

Color matching is quite simple!

Typically, multiple colors will work with your hair color. We recommend looking at the colors of the middle and ends of your hair and matching the extensions to that.

If your roots are darker (aka balayage or smudge root) and you want some dimension throughout your hair, choose a pack that’s your root color or lighter & mix it with another pack that is the color of your ends. 

If you are a brunette or a solid color you can choose the closest color to your hair or even add in one pack of a slightly lighter color to add pretty dimension. Again, there are most likely multiple choices for your hair color so you have a little wiggle room.

Still need help with color matching?

Email us at with a couple different photos of your hair in natural lighting & we will get back to you!


How Many Packs?

For a full head of tape-ins, we recommend 2 packs.

For adding frontal pieces or filling gaps, we recommend 1 pack.

For individuals with very thick hair, we recommend 3 packs.

For clip-in extensions, one pack is plenty for all hair types. 

* Individual tape in pieces are for sale if you need a couple of extras and not an entire additional full pack. Email us for details and pricing. 

If you need help, we are here for you! Email us at